Towage service

Maritimus offers towing service of any floating objects and vessels both international and cabotage towage, towing ships for scrapping from anywhere in the world to shipyards in Turkey, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We can provide a suitable tug in accordance with the characteristics of the towed vessel and terms and conditions of towage.

On Client's request our company provides the organization of the towage on terms "turnkey":

  • - including design and approval of a towage project by classification society
  • - preparation a tow object for towage
  • - underwater survey
  • - ultrasonic thickness survey
  • - obtaining special permission for navigation along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and fulfilling other requirements of classification societies and regulatory organizations

We are well aware of the peculiarities and limitations in the existing realities and are ready to offer unique conditions for towing anywhere in the world.

We apply and follow national and international towing regulations and the requirements of well-known survey companies such as Noble Denton, as well as common sense and good marine practice.

The safety of people, cargo and ships, environmental protection are the priority policies of our company.