Russian merchant fleet has an acute shortage of tonnage for oil and gas projects and transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes.

Russian legislation promotes international navigation in inland and territorial waters of the Russian Federation, but along with this it protects the ship owners flying under the Russian flag, giving them priority for transportation in cabotage and marine operations in Russian territorial waters. One of the effective measures is the prohibition on the useing vessels flying under foreign flag in Russian cabotage.

In some cases the Russian government can issue a special order which allows appropriate marine operations in the Russian cabotage for vessels under a foreign flag.

For continuous operation and long-term contracts for transportation and performance of the offshore works a ship owners have to hire foreign ship with the change of the her "native" flag and class to the Russian flag and class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

The procedure is complicated, time-consuming and required appropriate knowledge of the algorithm execution. Delay due to any omission of details even a day can bring significant losses for the Charterer.

Maritimus shipping, LLC has sufficient experience and a clear understanding of all phases of the reflagging and reclassification. Our company provides the reflagging and reclassification of any type of vessel from nonpropelled barge to research vessel as soon as possible. If necessary our company can provide the obtaining of the permission from the Russian government for a vessel which flying under a foreign flag to work in the Russian cabotage.